Wooden Salad Bowls by Mediterranean Interiors

A salad bowl is a bowl-shaped serving dish used to serve salads, especially tossed salads.

Article Title : Salad bowl
Article Snippet :A salad bowl is a bowl-shaped serving dish used to serve salads, especially tossed salads. Salad bowls may be made of any of the usual materials used for
Article Title : Eggplant salads and appetizers
Article Snippet :Many cuisines feature eggplant salads and appetizers. Baba ghanoush (Arabic: بابا غنوج bābā ghanūj) is a popular Levantine dish of eggplant (aubergine)
Article Title : Tableware
Article Snippet :plates, salad plates or side plates. Bowls include those used for soup, cereal, pasta, fruit or dessert. A range of saucers accompany plates and bowls, those
Article Title : List of eating utensils
Article Snippet :is sold with a flat wooden spade, often erroneously called a "spoon", to lift the product to one's mouth. Prepackaged tuna salad or cracker snacks may
Article Title : Fred Lowen
Article Snippet :[citation needed] Starting in September 1945, Lowen designed and made wooden salad bowls, trays and lazy susans with Ernest Rodeck under the name of FLER.
Article Title : Walnut oil
Article Snippet :a finish for implements that will come in contact with food, such as wooden bowls, because of its safety. Rancidity is not an issue because walnut oil
Article Title : Spoon (musical instrument)
Article Snippet :(and probably older). Typically, three or more wooden spoons are used. The convex surfaces of the bowls are struck together in different ways. For example
Article Title : Kazakh cuisine
Article Snippet :deeper bowls are used to serve dairy products, and small wooden basins are used for making dough. Further more, each family has their own wooden spoons
Article Title : Japanese cuisine
Article Snippet :(茶碗, chawan), literally "tea bowl", doubles as a word for the large tea bowls in tea ceremonies. Thus in common speech, the drinking cup is referred to
Article Title : Vietnamese cuisine
Article Snippet :Vietnam. French-influenced dishes are numerous and not limited to: sa lát (salad), pâté, patê sô (a Brittany pasty called "pâté chaud"), bánh sừng trâu/bánh

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