Wood Perfume Atomizers by Mediterranean Interiors

Perfume (UK: , US: ; French: parfum) is a mixture of fragrant essential oils or aroma compounds (fragrances), fixatives and solvents, usually in liquid form, used to give the human body, animals, food, objects, and living-spaces an agreeable scent. Perfumes can be defined as substances that emit and diffuse a pleasant and fragrant odor. They consist of manmade mixtures of aromatic chemicals and essential oils. The 1939 Nobel Laureate for Chemistry, Leopold Ružička stated in 1945 that "right from the earliest days of scientific chemistry up to the present time, perfumes have substantially contributed to the development of organic chemistry as regards methods, systematic classification, and theory." Ancient texts and archaeological excavations show the use of perfumes in some of the earliest human civilizations. Modern perfumery began in the late 19th century with the commercial synthesis of aroma compounds such as vanillin or coumarin, which allowed for the composition of perfumes with smells previously unattainable solely from natural aromatics.

Article Title : Perfume
Article Snippet :Perfume (UK: /ˈpɜːfjuːm/, US: /pərˈfjuːm/; French: parfum) is a mixture of fragrant essential oils or aroma compounds (fragrances), fixatives and solvents
Article Title : Heat (perfume)
Article Snippet :Heat is a perfume endorsed by Beyoncé. It was created by her alongside Claude Dir and Olivier Gillotin of the company Givaudan. The product, which was
Article Title : Curious (fragrance)
Article Snippet :two years. In an interview with WWD Thursday, the singer said, “I love perfume and cosmetics and am so excited to develop my own line with Elizabeth Arden”
Article Title : Lacoste Essential
Article Snippet :sandalwood and “wood accord.” The popular fragrance is recognized by its distinctly shaped glass container, bearing a brushed aluminum atomizer and the trademark
Article Title : List of art pop musicians
Article Snippet :Retrieved 1 September 2022. Wood, Mickael (December 2006). "Strange Beauty". Spin: 95. Retrieved 29 October 2016. "Perfume Genius reaches out with bigger
Article Title : Air freshener
Article Snippet :including sprays, candles, gels, passive and active evaporating diffusers, atomizers, automatically timed metered aerosol dispensers, electric fan air fresheners
Article Title : Cadillac Eldorado
Article Snippet :matching leather notebook, gold mechanical pencil, atomizer filled with Arpège Extrait De Lanvin perfume. Buyers of Broughams had a choice of 44 full-leather
Article Title : Nymphaea nouchali var. caerulea
Article Snippet :Homer's Odyssey.[citation needed] This lotus has been used to produce perfumes since ancient times; it is also used in aromatherapy.[citation needed]
Article Title : Triple H
Article Snippet :Helmsley wore a tailcoat suit and carried a traditional atomizer perfume bottle to highlight his extreme snobbishness.
Article Title : History of the nude in art
Article Snippet :with increasing speed, culminating in the twentieth century with an atomization of styles and currents that coexist and oppose, influence and confront

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