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In Greek mythology, Pandora (Greek: Πανδώρα, derived from πᾶν, pān, i.e. "all" and δῶρον, dōron, i.e. "gift", thus "the all-endowed", "all-gifted" or "all-giving") was the first human woman created by Hephaestus on the instructions of Zeus. As Hesiod related it, each god cooperated by giving her unique gifts. Her other name—inscribed against her figure on a white-ground kylix in the British Museum—is Anesidora (Ancient Greek: Ἀνησιδώρα), "she who sends up gifts" (up implying "from below" within the earth). The Pandora myth is a kind of theodicy, addressing the question of why there is evil in the world, according to which, Pandora opened a jar (pithos; commonly referred to as "Pandora's box") releasing all the evils of humanity. It has been argued that Hesiod's interpretation of Pandora's story went on to influence both Jewish and Christian theology and so perpetuated her bad reputation into the Renaissance. Later poets, dramatists, painters and sculptors made her their subject.

Article Title : Pandora
Article Snippet :instructions of Zeus. As Hesiod related it, each god cooperated by giving her unique gifts. Her other name—inscribed against her figure on a white-ground kylix
Article Title : Unbreakable (film series)
Article Snippet :considered to be a unique take on the superhero genre. The filmmaker has stated that the films are origin stories of people with unique gifts, with the intent
Article Title : Spiritual gift
Article Snippet :sanctification, such as the Seven Gifts of the Holy Spirit and the fruit of the Holy Spirit. These abilities, often termed "charismatic gifts", are the word of knowledge
Article Title : The Chosen One (trope)
Article Snippet :the inevitable hero or antihero of the story, as a result of destiny, unique gifts, and/or special lineage. The trope is similar to the hero's journey template
Article Title : The Mists of Avalon
Article Snippet :the Round Table. In this case, Morgaine is presented as a woman with unique gifts and responsibilities at a time of enormous political and spiritual upheaval
Article Title : Leah Miller
Article Snippet :Retrieved October 18, 2009.[permanent dead link] "Shops We Love: Find Unique Gifts At Wolf & Moon". houseandhome.com. July 22, 2021. Retrieved March 24
Article Title : Cura personalis
Article Snippet :of the Jesuit superior to care for each man in the community with his unique gifts, challenges, needs and possibilities, this value now is applied more
Article Title : Carlo Acutis
Article Snippet :they do not let the gifts that the Lord has made for them flow into them. They do not offer the world these personal and unique gifts that the Lord has
Article Title : Padre Pio
Article Snippet :close to him attest that he began to manifest several spiritual gifts, including the gifts of healing, bilocation, levitation, prophecy, miracles, extraordinary
Article Title : Lizzie Velásquez
Article Snippet :what truly makes us beautiful, and teaches readers to recognize their unique gifts and blessings". The book is also available in Spanish as Sé bella, sé

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