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In set theory, the union (denoted by ∪) of a collection of sets is the set of all elements in the collection. It is one of the fundamental operations through which sets can be combined and related to each other. A nullary union refers to a union of zero ( 0 {\displaystyle 0} ) sets and it is by definition equal to the empty set. For explanation of the symbols used in this article, refer to the table of mathematical symbols.

Article Title : Union (set theory)
Article Snippet :empty set. For explanation of the symbols used in this article, refer to the table of mathematical symbols. The union of two sets A and B is the set of elements
Article Title : Table d'hôte
Article Snippet :items available. Table d'hôte is a French loan phrase that literally means "the host's table". The term is used to denote a table set aside for residents
Article Title : The Coffee Table
Article Snippet :stars David Pareja and Estefanía de los Santos. The plot follows a couple formed by María and Jesús who buys a tacky table, a move that proves to be their
Article Title : Periodic table
Article Snippet :The periodic table, also known as the periodic table of the elements, is an ordered arrangement of the chemical elements into rows ("periods") and columns
Article Title : Cartesian product
Article Snippet :cells of the table contain ordered pairs of the form (row value, column value). One can similarly define the Cartesian product of n sets, also known as
Article Title : Dressing table
Article Snippet :designed for men so they can shave while standing. Dressing tables often featured dressing table sets, a collection of china, porcelain, glass, crystal, or
Article Title : Knights of the Round Table
Article Snippet :Calogrenant never told him of this defeat, and sets out to avenge him, embarking on the adventure that sets up the remainder of events in the romance. Calogrenant
Article Title : Set (mathematics)
Article Snippet : Sets are uniquely characterized by their elements; this means that two sets that have precisely the same elements are equal (they are the same set).
Article Title : Truth table
Article Snippet :table is a mathematical table used in logic—specifically in connection with Boolean algebra, Boolean functions, and propositional calculus—which sets
Article Title : List of ISO 639 language codes
Article Snippet :assigned a two-letter (set 1) and three-letter lowercase abbreviation (sets 2–5). This table lists all of two-letter codes (set 1), one per language for

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