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The Holy Grail (French: Saint Graal, Breton: Graal Santel, Welsh: Greal Sanctaidd, Cornish: Gral) is a treasure that serves as an important motif in Arthurian literature. Various traditions describe the Holy Grail as a cup, dish, or stone with miraculous healing powers, sometimes providing eternal youth or sustenance in infinite abundance, often guarded in the custody of the Fisher King and located in the hidden Grail castle. By analogy, any elusive object or goal of great significance may be perceived as a "holy grail" by those seeking such.A "grail" (Old French: graal or greal), wondrous but not unequivocally holy, first appears in Perceval, the Story of the Grail, an unfinished chivalric romance written by Chrétien de Troyes around 1190. Chrétien's story inspired many continuations, translators and interpreters in the later-12th and early-13th centuries, including Wolfram von Eschenbach, who perceived the Grail as a stone. The Christian, Celtic or possibly other origins of the Arthurian grail trope are uncertain and have been debated amongst literary scholars and historians. In the late 12th century, Robert de Boron in Joseph d'Arimathie portrayed the Grail as Jesus's vessel from the Last Supper, which Joseph of Arimathea used to catch Christ's blood at the crucifixion. Thereafter, the Holy Grail became interwoven with the legend of the Holy Chalice, the Last Supper cup, an idea continued in works such as the Lancelot-Grail cycle and consequently the 15th-century Le Morte d'Arthur. In this form, it is now a popular theme in modern culture and has become the subject of pseudohistorical writings and of conspiracy theories.

Article Title : Holy Grail
Article Snippet :greatly with many new details. Verses by Rigaut de Barbezieux, a late 12th or early 13th-century Provençal troubador, where mention is made of Perceval,
Article Title : Avignon
Article Snippet :Avignon (/ˈævɪnjɒ̃/, also US: /ˌævɪnˈjoʊn/; French: [aviɲɔ̃] (listen); Provençal: Avinhon (Classical norm) or Avignoun (Mistralian norm), IPA: [aviˈɲun];
Article Title : Lancelot
Article Snippet :tells." He describes his source as written by a certain Arnaud Daniel in Provençal dialect and which must have differed markedly in several points from Chrétien's
Article Title : Pizza
Article Snippet :and meat. It is usually oval-shaped with chopped meat on top of it. The Provençal Pissaladière is similar to an Italian pizza, with a slightly thicker crust
Article Title : Muhammad ibn Musa al-Khwarizmi
Article Snippet :(1960–2005). "Al-Khwārizmī". In Gibb, H. A. R.; Kramers, J. H.; Lévi-Provençal, E.; Schacht, J. (eds.). The Encyclopaedia of Islam. Vol. IV (2nd ed.)
Article Title : Marseille
Article Snippet :2003). "Pass the Pastis". France Today. Olney, Richard (1994). Lulu's Provenc̜al Table: the exuberant food and wine from Domaine Tempier Vineyard. New York:
Article Title : Julia Child
Article Snippet :her husband, Jean Fischbacher. The Childs named it "La Pitchoune", a Provençal word meaning "the little one" but over time the property was often affectionately
Article Title : France
Article Snippet :Alsace, quiche in the Lorraine region, beef bourguignon in Burgundy, provençal tapenade, etc. France is most famous for its wines, and cheeses, which
Article Title : Alice Waters
Article Snippet :book, Lulu's Provençal Table, Waters wrote: "Lucien and Lulu's warmhearted enthusiasm for life, their love for the pleasures of the table, their deep connection
Article Title : Thomas Keller
Article Snippet :called EVO, Inc. in 1992, with his girlfriend of the time, to distribute Provençal-style olive oil and red wine vinegar. Recently, Keller started marketing

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