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A figurine (a diminutive form of the word figure) or statuette, is a small, three-dimensional sculpture that represents a human, deity or animal, or, in practice, a pair or small group of them. Figurines have been made in many media, with clay, metal, wood, glass, and today plastic or resin the most significant. Ceramic figurines not made of porcelain are called terracottas in historical contexts. Figures with movable parts, allowing limbs to be posed, are more likely to be called dolls, mannequins, or action figures; or robots or automata, if they can move on their own. Figurines and miniatures are sometimes used in board games, such as chess, and tabletop role playing games. The main difference between a figurine and a statue is size. There is no agreed limit, but typically objects are called "figurines" up to a height of perhaps two feet (60 cm), though most types are less than one foot (30 cm) high.

Article Title : Figurine
Article Snippet :statuary - c. 800–1600 Staffordshire figures - England, 1720 to present Santons - Provence, France, 18th century to present Animal figurines Model figure
Article Title : André Montagard
Article Snippet :Éditions Bendor. OCLC 6698837. Montagard, André (1960). Ma Provence et mes santons. Marseille: Éditions Bendor. OCLC 5981612. Montagard, André (1962). La
Article Title : Emile Claus
Article Snippet :August 1899, p. 143-157. C. Lemonnier, Emile Claus, Brussels, 1908. A. Santon, Emile Claus, Un prince du luminisme ('A Prince of Luminism'), Brussels
Article Title : Manila in the Claws of Light
Article Snippet :Maigue as alternate); Floyd Tena as Pol; Noel Rayos as Atong; Aicelle Santons as Perla (with Rita Daniela as alternate); Dulce as Mrs. Cruz (with Ima
Article Title : Marseille
Article Snippet :were involved in cardmaking). Another local tradition is the making of santons, small hand-crafted figurines for the traditional Provençal Christmas creche
Article Title : Aix-en-Provence
Article Snippet :law and economics. The computer software industry. The manufacture of santons, traditional hand-crafted figurines, often associated with provencal Christmas
Article Title : Matt Houston
Article Snippet :Vince Novelli Paul Brinegar ... Lamar Pettybone Dennis Fimple ... Bo Penny Santon ... Mama Rosa Novelli Lincoln Kilpatrick ... Lt. Michael Hoyt Buddy Ebsen
Article Title : List of Alfred Hitchcock Presents episodes
Article Snippet :out with her talkative neighbor Ben Prowdy (Harris) and searching for a collection of the works of Mary Shelley, Siddons sees Barnes with a man outside of
Article Title : Nativity scene
Article Snippet :traditions of nativity scenes emerged in different countries. Hand-painted santons are popular in Provence. In southern Germany, Austria and Trentino-Alto
Article Title : Matthew Gregory Lewis
Article Snippet :advertisement: The first idea of this Romance was suggested by the story of the Santon Barsisa, related in The Guardian. – The Bleeding Nun is a tradition still

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