Santonniers by Mediterranean Interiors

Patrick Chouchayan (French pronunciation: ​[patʁik ʃuʃajɑ̃]; born 23 September 1969), known by his stage name Patrick Fiori (French: [patʁik fjɔʁi], Corsican: [ˈfjɔri]), is a French singer of Armenian descent.

Article Title : Patrick Fiori
Article Snippet :Franck Fernandel, who offered him a role in the musical La Légende des santonniers. In 1985, at the age of 16, he recorded his first song "Stéphanie" with
Article Title : Santon (figurine)
Article Snippet :Provence region of southeastern France. A maker of santons is called a santonnier. The word "santon" comes from the Provençal "santoun," or "little saint
Article Title : Farandole
Article Snippet :or Comtadine with the different clothing nuances provided by the local santonnier. The dancers and the drummer wear an almost identical costume made up
Article Title : List of people from Marseille
Article Snippet :Jean-Louis Lagnel (8 February 1764; d. Marseille, 16 September 1822) - santonnier Henri-Édouard Lombard (21 January 1875; d. Paris, 23 July 1929) - sculptor
Article Title : Jean Max Tixier
Article Snippet :d'octobres, le Cherche-midi, 2005 ISBN 978-2-7491-0422-5 La fiancée du santonnier, Les Presses de la cité, 2002 Le crime des Hautes Terres, Les Presses

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