Santonniers De Provence by Mediterranean Interiors

The Farandole is an open-chain community dance popular in Provence, France. The Farandole bears similarities to the gavotte, jig, and tarantella. The carmagnole of the French Revolution is a derivative.

Article Title : Farandole
Article Snippet :santonnier. The dancers and the drummer wear an almost identical costume made up of white pants tightened by a taiole, a typical belt from Provence made
Article Title : Jean Max Tixier
Article Snippet :Etats du lieu 1994 Provence Grand Prize of Literature 1995 Antonin Artaud Prize, for L’oiseau de glaise 2009 Mallarmé prize Chants de l'évidence Autres
Article Title : List of people from Marseille
Article Snippet :Arnaud (8 October 1877; d. Aix-en-Provence, 18 March 1956) - painter, director of the école des beaux-arts d'Aix-en-Provence Edmond Astruc (4 November 1878;

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