Robes Femmes by Mediterranean Interiors

In road bicycle racing, a Grand Tour is one of the three major European professional cycling stage races: Giro d'Italia, Tour de France, and Vuelta a España. Collectively they are termed the Grand Tours, and all three races are similar in format, being three-week races with daily stages. They have a special status in the UCI regulations: more points for the UCI World Tour are distributed in Grand Tours than in other races, and they are the only stage races allowed to last longer than 14 days.All three races have a substantial history, with the Tour de France first held in 1903, Giro d'Italia first held in 1909 and the Vuelta a España first held in 1935. The Giro is generally run in May, the Tour in July, and the Vuelta in late August and September. The Vuelta was originally held in the spring, usually late April, with a few editions held in June in the 1940s. In 1995, however, the race moved to September to avoid direct competition with the Giro d'Italia. The Tour de France is the oldest and most prestigious in terms of points accrued to racers of all three, and is the most widely attended annual sporting event in the world. The Tour, the Giro and the Road World Cycling Championship make up the Triple Crown of Cycling. The three Grand Tours are men's events, and as of 2023, no three week races currently exist on the women's road cycling circuit. The Vuelta Femenina, Giro Donne and Tour de France Femmes are sometimes considered to be equivalent races for women – taking place over shorter, smaller routes around a week in length. The Vuelta Femenina was first held under that name in 2023, the Giro Donne was first held in 1988, and various women's Tour de France events have taken place since 1984 – with the Tour de France Femmes having its first edition in 2022.

Article Title : Grand Tour (cycling)
Article Snippet :Femmes". Retrieved 28 February 2022. Rogers, Owen (2022-07-31). "Seven woman teams a possibility at the 2023 Tour de France Femmes"
Article Title : Femme au béret et à la robe quadrillée (Marie-Thérèse Walter)
Article Snippet :Femme au béret et à la robe quadrillée (Marie-Thérèse Walter) (Woman wearing a beret and checkered dress) is an oil-on-canvas painting by Pablo Picasso
Article Title : Lady-in-waiting
Article Snippet :to Queen Elizabeth II were: Mistress of the Robes The Duchess of Grafton served as Mistress of the Robes to Elizabeth II from 1967 until her death on
Article Title : Leonardo da Vinci
Article Snippet :the Pazzi conspiracy. In his notes, Leonardo recorded the colours of the robes that Baroncelli was wearing when he died. Like the two contemporary architects
Article Title : Louise Robic
Article Snippet :president of the Fondation pour le Refuge des femmes de l'Ouest-de-l'Île de Montréal from 1982 to 1984. Robic was named a Dame Commander of Merit in the
Article Title : Henna
Article Snippet :most exquisite attire in the Yemenite community. These outfits include robes, headwear, and often several pounds of silver jewelry. This jewelry often
Article Title : French Revolution
Article Snippet :(2005 ed.). Princeton UP. ISBN 978-0-691-12188-8. Léonard, Jacques (1977). "Femmes, Religion et Médecine: Les Religieuses qui Soignent, en France au XIXe Siècle"
Article Title : Tegan and Sara
Article Snippet :years, the duo was influenced by Hayden, The Smashing Pumpkins, Violent Femmes, Dinosaur Jr., and Teenage Fanclub. Other artists who have influenced Tegan
Article Title : List of most expensive paintings
Article Snippet :"Property from a Distinguished Private Collection – Pablo Picasso – Femme Au Béret Et À La Robe Quadrillée (Marie-Thérèse Walter)". 2018. Archived from the original
Article Title : Marsha P. Johnson
Article Snippet :of fresh flowers. Johnson was tall, slender and often dressed in flowing robes and shiny dresses, red plastic high heels and bright wigs, which tended

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