Robe Enfant by Mediterranean Interiors

Claire Wojas (April 13, 1949 – May 19, 2018) was a Canadian screenwriter and film producer. She was most noted for the 1991 film Love Crazy (Amoureux fou), for which she received Genie Award nominations for both Best Original Screenplay and Best Original Song at the 12th Genie Awards in 1991.Her other credits included the films Cruising Bar, You're Beautiful, Jeanne (T'es belle Jeanne), Water Child (L'enfant d'eau), Cruising Bar 2 and Stay with Me (Reste avec moi), and the television series Un amour de quartier, Jean Duceppe and Chartrand et Simonne. She was married to Robert Ménard, her cowriter and director of virtually all of her films.

Article Title : Claire Wojas
Article Snippet :Ciné-Bulles, Vol. 10, No. 3 (Apr/May 1991). pp. 51–53. Christopher Harris, "Black Robe leads race for Genies: Film community notes surprising omissions in list
Article Title : Lothaire Bluteau
Article Snippet :Arcand's Oscar-nominated Jésus de Montréal. He has since appeared in Black Robe and Robert Lepage's Le Confessionnal, and his international credits include
Article Title : The Kiss (Klimt)
Article Snippet :and evidence of "perverted excess". The works had recast the artist as an enfant terrible for his anti-authoritarian and anti-popularist views on art. He
Article Title : Albert Dubois-Pillet
Article Snippet :maiden name, to his name, signing his artworks "Dubois-Pillet". His painting Enfant Mort (Dead Child), completed in 1881, was displayed at the May 1884 Tuileries
Article Title : Virgin and Child from the Sainte-Chapelle
Article Snippet : Wikimedia Commons has media related to Vierge à l'Enfant de la Sainte-Chapelle.
Article Title : The Royal Tenenbaums
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Article Title : Léo Legrand
Article Snippet :Jacquou le Croquant (2006) as Jacquou Trouble at Timpetill (2007) as Thomas La Robe du soir (2010) as Antoine A Distant Neighborhood (2010) as Thomas Mon arbre
Article Title : Richard Anconina
Article Snippet :Goretta 1981 : Le Petit Pommier directed by Liliane de Kermadec 1981 : Une robe noire pour un tueur directed by José Giovanni – un jeune drogué 1981 : Le
Article Title : Sheila (French singer)
Article Snippet :anymore"). Sheila's music also featured in the 1996 François Ozon film Une robe d'été (A Summer Dress). The character Sébastien is a fan of Sheila, and Sheila's
Article Title : Pierre Lemaitre
Article Snippet :Camille (Sacrifices) (2012), English translation by Frank Wynne, 2015 Les Enfants du désastre trilogy: The Great Swindle (Au revoir là-haut) (2013), English

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