Provence Tablecloths by Mediterranean Interiors

Marc Lafargue (May 15, 1876 – May 7, 1927) was a French poet, art critic, and painter. While still a high school student, Lafargue was an active member of a group of young poets in Toulouse and published his first collection in 1897, titled "Le Jardin d'où l'on voit la Vie" (The Garden from Which One Sees Life), containing poems influenced by symbolism and the style of Verlaine. He also demonstrated a strong attachment to his native region, which he depicted in several poems. In 1903, he embarked on a long journey to Provence, where he met various artists, including Aristide Maillol, with whom he developed a lasting friendship. A second collection, "L'âge d'or" (The Golden Age), was published in 1903, marking a departure from his earlier influences towards a style closer to the emerging literary naturism. Despite his fondness for rustic life in the countryside, Lafargue alternated between extended stays in Toulouse and Paris, where he pursued a career as an art critic and contributed to numerous newspapers. He rarely published poetry thereafter, focusing instead on self-taught painting, which he also pursued discreetly. Encouraged by his friends, Lafargue eventually published a new book in 1922, "La Belle Journée" (The Beautiful Day), a collection of poems written nearly 15 years earlier. He composed an ode inspired by Ronsard in 1924 and published a biography of Camille Corot in 1925, followed by a translation of Virgil's "Bucolics" in 1926. In 1926, he permanently left Paris to care for his ailing mother and sister in Toulouse. Despite obtaining a position as a librarian, he suffered the loss of both his mother and his wife, who also had fragile health, within a few days of each other. Stricken by these bereavements and afflicted with heart problems, he passed away on May 7, 1927. Lafargue's death was extensively mourned in Toulouse's literary circles, where significant tributes were paid to him. His friends endeavored to publish his numerous unpublished poems and discovered many of his paintings, which he had kept secret. A posthumous collection, "Les Plaisirs et les Regrets" (Pleasures and Regrets), was published in 1928, accompanied by exhibitions of his drawings and paintings. A monument was finally erected in his honor in the square of the Musée des Augustins in 1936. Described as a modest artist indifferent to fame, Lafargue participated in only one competition during his career and retained many of his works for himself. There is little scholarship on his work, primarily focusing on his paintings, the exact chronology of which remains unknown. While his early poems were somewhat melancholic, they already displayed his enduring attachment to nature, a theme present throughout his subsequent collections. His style evolved over the years, achieving a simple form influenced by classical poets such as Ronsard, whom he honored in his ode. Additionally, Lafargue was a staunch advocate for the heritage of his hometown, Toulouse, inspiring several poems. In the press, he publicly opposed urban development projects that threatened ancient monuments, successfully rallying public opinion and preserving landmarks such as the Hôtel Dahus.

Article Title : Marc Lafargue
Article Snippet :he depicted in several poems. In 1903, he embarked on a long journey to Provence, where he met various artists, including Aristide Maillol, with whom he
Article Title : Adelir Antônio de Carli
Article Snippet :gas station attendant at his uncle's gas station, while also painting tablecloths as a side job. He was described as a quiet and humble person, and was
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Article Snippet :million. He searches for his old sweatsuit but finds it turned into a tablecloth. 267 "Mommy's Gone! (Mom and Himawari Have Left the House)" (Japanese:
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Article Snippet :failed, so he returned to Provence, with Hortense and Paul fils going to Paris. Financial need prompted Hortense's return to Provence but in separate living
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Article Snippet :others had to do chores listed by Jean-Philippe, including ironing the tablecloths, polishing the silverware, and washing his car. They also had to prep
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Article Snippet :the highly talented Naoko hastily constructs a fantastic dress from tablecloths and available accessories. Suddenly, a package arrives with a burial
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Article Snippet :deceased mother Queen Daria, a copy of Drualt, a camouflage cloak, a magic tablecloth from Rhys, some of Milton's herbs and Princess Meryl's sword Blood-Biter
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Article Snippet :vegetarian. While the tribe is eating, an idol clue falls out from under the tablecloth. Several people step over it without seeing it, but Moana is able to spot
Article Title : 1907 Sydney bathing costume protests
Article Snippet :their sisters' or grandmothers' underwear, ballet frills, curtains or tablecloths followed a banner upholding a dead seagull. Wikisource has original text

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