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Underwear, underclothing, or undergarments are items of clothing worn beneath outer clothes, usually in direct contact with the skin, although they may comprise more than a single layer. They serve to keep outer clothing from being soiled or damaged by bodily excretions, to lessen the friction of outerwear against the skin, to shape the body, and to provide concealment or support for parts of it. In cold weather, long underwear is sometimes worn to provide additional warmth. Special types of undergarments have religious significance. Some items of clothing are designed as undergarments, while others, such as T-shirts and certain types of shorts, are appropriate both as underwear and outerwear. If made of suitable material or textile, some underwear can serve as nightwear or swimwear, and some undergarments are intended for sexual attraction or visual appeal. Undergarments are generally of two types, those that are worn to cover the torso and those that are worn to cover the waist and legs, although there are also underclothes which cover both. Different styles of underwear are generally worn by females and males. Undergarments commonly worn by females today include bras and panties (knickers in British English), while males often wear classic briefs, boxer briefs, or boxer shorts. Items worn by both sexes include T-shirts, sleeveless shirts (also called singlets, tank tops, A-shirts, or vests), bikini underpants, thongs, G-strings and T-fronts.

Article Title : Underwear
Article Snippet :Egyptian king Tutankhamun (1341 BC – 1323 BC) was found buried with numerous linen loincloths of this style. An alternate form is more skirt-like: a cloth
Article Title : History of postcards in the United States
Article Snippet :the paper's surface, thus retaining their superior strength, which give Linens their telltale bright colors. In addition to printing with the usual CYMK
Article Title : Shabby chic
Article Snippet :linens, chenille bedspreads, antique chandeliers, jute, and patterns of flowers, especially roses. Fabrics tend to be cottons and linens, with linen being
Article Title : British Linen Bank
Article Snippet :The British Linen Bank was a commercial bank based in the United Kingdom. It was acquired by the Bank of Scotland in 1969 and served as the establishment's
Article Title : Priscilla Presley
Article Snippet :Presley flew to Sydney, Australia for the debut of her worldwide line of bed linens called the Priscilla Presley Collection. She partnered with Australian designer
Article Title : List of RAL colours
Article Snippet :125 116 133 H310L50C10 Batik Lilac 310° 50% 15% 126 115 139 H310L50C15 Provence Violet 310° 50% 20% 130 113 145 H310L50C20 Baroness Mauve 310° 50% 25%
Article Title : Flax
Article Snippet :from flax are known in English as linen, and are traditionally used for bed sheets, underclothes, and table linen. Its oil is known as linseed oil. In
Article Title : Shroud of Turin
Article Snippet :also known as the Holy Shroud (Italian: Sacra Sindone), is a length of linen cloth that bears a faint image of the front and back of a man. It has been
Article Title : Hygiene
Article Snippet :kill is used, e.g., laundering of clothing and household linens such as towels and bed linen. House deep-cleaning an intensive cleaning process targeting
Article Title : Proofing (baking technique)
Article Snippet :In cooking, proofing (also called proving) is a step in the preparation of yeast bread and other baked goods in which the dough is allowed to rest and

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