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Mickey's Once Upon a Christmas is a 1999 American animated Christmas anthology comedy fantasy film produced by Walt Disney Television Animation.The film includes three features: Donald Duck: Stuck on Christmas (featuring Donald Duck, Daisy Duck, Scrooge McDuck and Huey, Dewey, and Louie), A Very Goofy Christmas (featuring Goofy, Max, Pete and the Beagle Boys) and Mickey and Minnie's Gift of the Magi (featuring Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse and Pluto). Other Disney characters also make cameos in the film. The film won the Award for Best Animated Feature Film at the 5th Kecskemét Animation Film Festival in 1999. A sequel, titled Mickey's Twice Upon a Christmas, was released in 2004. Unlike Once Upon a Christmas, the sequel is a computer-generated film rather than a hand-drawn and has five segments.

Article Title : Mickey's Once Upon a Christmas
Article Snippet :are still able to celebrate a happy Christmas. As in The Gift of the Magi original story, the thought behind each gift is what counts. The film concludes
Article Title : Gift wrapping
Article Snippet :invent gift wrapping, their innovations led to the development of modern gift wrapping. They helped to popularize the idea of decorative gift wrapping
Article Title : Santa Claus
Article Snippet :Western Christian culture who is said to bring gifts during the late evening and overnight hours on Christmas Eve to "nice" children, and either coal or nothing
Article Title : The Beach Boys' Christmas Album
Article Snippet :Christmas theme. The album proved to be a long-running success during subsequent Christmas seasons, initially reaching No. 6 on Billboard's Christmas
Article Title : A Christmas Carol
Article Snippet :A Christmas Carol. In Prose. Being a Ghost Story of Christmas, commonly known as A Christmas Carol, is a novella by Charles Dickens, first published in
Article Title : Observance of Christmas by country
Article Snippet :adopted many of the secular aspects of Christmas, such as gift-giving, decorations, and Christmas trees. Christmas celebrations around the world can vary
Article Title : Christmas dinner
Article Snippet :time. All Keralites—including Hindus and Muslims—celebrate Christmas and share sweets and gifts and participate in carols and town celebrations. Plum cake
Article Title : List of The Waltons episodes
Article Snippet :Original air date The Homecoming: A Christmas Story. Fielder Cook Earl Hamner Jr. December 19, 1971 (1971-12-19) On Christmas Eve 1933, the Waltons are preparing
Article Title : It's Christmas in Canada
Article Snippet :forgo Christmas gifts and take up a collection to get Ike home to South Park, the boys are distraught. Before all the money for their Christmas presents
Article Title : Office Christmas Party
Article Snippet :Office Christmas Party is a 2016 American Christmas comedy film directed by Will Speck and Josh Gordon and written by Justin Malen and Laura Solon, based

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