Parfums D Ambiance by Mediterranean Interiors

Aedes de Venustas is a niche perfume store (also called Aedes Perfumery) and fragrance line. Aedes has operated in Manhattan since 1995. The house perfume line launched in 2012, although there was an earlier collaboration with L'Artisan Parfumeur creating a home fragrance (2005) and perfume (2008) also named Aedes de Venustas.

Article Title : Aedes de Venustas
Article Snippet :developed a signature home scent, a room spray called Aedes de Venustas Parfum d’Ambiance, through a collaboration with L'Artisan Parfumeur. The scent was so
Article Title : List of compositions by Django Reinhardt
Article Snippet :Django’s Blues Django’s Tiger (with Stéphane Grappelli) Double Whisky Douce Ambiance Duke and Dukie " Echoes of Spain En Verdine (Never recorded by Django)
Article Title : Anna Sui
Article Snippet :company Inter Parfums and generally releases two hero fragrances per year. In 2011, She also entered into a fragrance license with InterParfums for fragrance
Article Title : Jacques Guerlain
Article Snippet :Guerlain, Jean-Paul. La route de mes parfums. Paris: Le Cherche Midi, 2010. Print. Guerlain, Jean-Paul. La route de mes parfums. Paris: Le Cherche Midi, 2010
Article Title : French orthography
Article Snippet :observed in official names, e.g., either la Côte-d'Ivoire or la Côte d'Ivoire, but normally la Côte d'Azur has no hyphens. The names of Montreal Metro
Article Title : Anggun
Article Snippet :music direction of her debut international album with diverse cultures ambiance, such as Japanese, Colombian, Samoan, Spanish, and English. Toujours un
Article Title : Joëlle Léandre
Article Snippet :Joëlle Léandre Project (Leo) 1999 Tricotage, duo with Danielle P Roger (Ambiances Magnétiques) 1999 Organic – Mineral, with Kazue Sawai (In Situ) 1994–2000

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