Oil Cruets by Mediterranean Interiors

A cruet (), also called a caster, is a small flat-bottomed vessel with a narrow neck. Cruets often have an integral lip or spout, and may also have a handle. Unlike a small carafe, a cruet has a stopper or lid. Cruets are normally made from glass, ceramic, or stainless steel.

Article Title : Cruet
Article Snippet :Unlike a small carafe, a cruet has a stopper or lid. Cruets are normally made from glass, ceramic, or stainless steel. Cruets today typically serve a culinary
Article Title : Cruet-stand
Article Snippet :and often cruets or bottles of vinegar and olive oil. The stand and containers form a cruet set. A crystal cruet set, c.1930s/40s A modern cruet set Portal:
Article Title : Marquina non-drip oil bottle
Article Snippet :Marquina non-drip oil bottle or cruet (in Spanish: aceitera antigoteo de Marquina) is a transparent and conical cruet designed to contain oil or vinegar without
Article Title : Sugar caster
Article Snippet :table. The set would have a salt shaker, a pepper shaker, a vinegar cruet, an oil cruet, a sugar shaker, and a mayonnaise jar with spoon. The word is first
Article Title : St Bartholomew's Church, Tong
Article Snippet :the provision of all the requisites for Eucharist: bread, wine, wax, oil, cruets, towels, etc. The statutes recognised that this double rôle of precentor
Article Title : List of condiments
Article Snippet :notable worldwide condiments. Aioli – West Mediterranean sauce of garlic and oil Ajvar – Balkan condiment Amba – Mango pickle condiment Alfredo sauce – Italian
Article Title : Rest in peace
Article Snippet :pace") This funerary tablet from 525 AD begins with the phrase Requiescat, oil on canvas painting by Briton Rivière, 1888, Art Gallery of New South Wales
Article Title : Rafael Marquina
Article Snippet :non-drip oil cruet that, apart from the lovely design, is highly practical, i.e. it doesn't drip or get dirty. In 1961, Marquina invented the anti-drip oil/vinegar
Article Title : List of mayonnaises
Article Snippet :dressing and also forms the base for many other sauces. It is an emulsion of oil, egg yolk, and an acid, either vinegar or lemon juice; Baconnaise – Brand
Article Title : Sanctuary lamp
Article Snippet :And thou shalt command the children of Israel, that they bring thee pure oil olive beaten for the light, to cause the lamp to burn always. In the tabernacle

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