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The French composer Josquin des Prez was among the most prolific of his time, writing in genres that included masses, motets, chansons and frottole. Much of his output is sacred music, in which he cultivated and developed a highly sophisticated style of complex polyphony. Active during the high Renaissance, he was the central figure of the Franco-Flemish School.The difficulties in compiling a works list for Josquin cannot be overstated. Because of his immense prestige in the early sixteenth century, many scribes and publishers did not resist the temptation of attributing anonymous or otherwise spurious works to Josquin. The German editor Georg Forster summed up the situation admirably in 1540 when he wrote, "I remember a certain eminent man saying that, now that Josquin is dead, he is putting out more works than when he was alive." Thus, the authenticity of many of the works listed below is disputed on stylistic grounds or problems with sources or both. This thorny issue has been taken up vigorously in the now nearly complete New Josquin Edition (NJE).

Article Title : List of compositions by Josquin des Prez
Article Snippet :the death of Johannes Ockeghem) Nymphes, nappés / Circumdederunt me Parfons regretz Petite camusette Plaine de dueil Plus n'estes ma maistresse Plus nulz
Article Title : Jacques Dutronc (1966 album)
Article Snippet :founders. The album is included in Philippe Manœuvre's 2010 book Rock français, de Johnny à BB Brunes, 123 albums essentiels, which contains reviews of the 123
Article Title : Jean Cocteau
Article Snippet :the original on 27 September 2017. Retrieved 24 April 2018. Liaut, Jean-Noël (1996). Natalie Paley: Une princesse dechiree (in French). Paris: Filipacchi
Article Title : Les play boys
Article Snippet :on the French television show Palmarès des chansons, broadcast by Office de Radiodiffusion Télévision Française on 16 November 1966, accompanied by the
Article Title : Alanya
Article Snippet :metamorphic rocks east of Antalya. This formation is divided into three nappes from lowest to highest, the Mahmutlar, the Sugözü, and the Yumrudağ. The
Article Title : Geology of the North Sea
Article Snippet :about 600,000 ago and ended 450,000 years ago. VAN VLIET-LANOË, Brigitte; Noël VANDENBERGHE, Michel LAURENT, Benoît LAIGNEL, Agnès LAUREAT-RAGE; Stephen

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