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The Akron Civic Theatre (originally the Loew's Theatre) is a theater in Akron, Ohio. It is one of only five remaining atmospheric theatres designed by John Eberson in the United States and is an excellent example of the great movie palaces of the 1920s. The Akron Civic Theatre is the last remaining theater of 11 opened by Marcus Loew, founder of the Loew's theater chain. The Civic is located on South Main Street in Akron and can seat 3,000 people. The theater has been exhibiting shows and special events for 94 years.

Article Title : Akron Civic Theatre
Article Snippet :entrance and lobby is designed to resemble a Moorish castle with Mediterranean decor, complete with medieval style carvings, authentic European antiques
Article Title : 1960s decor
Article Snippet :1960s décor refers to a distinct style of interior decoration that became prominent in the 1960s and early 1970s. Green, (such as pea green and drab)
Article Title : Atmospheric theatre
Article Snippet :entrance and lobby is designed to resemble a Moorish castle with Mediterranean decor, complete with medieval-style carvings, authentic European antiques
Article Title : David Muñoz (chef)
Article Snippet :Serrano 52, the restaurant includes exciting decor, delicious cocktails, and intriguing food. Apparently, the decor and the food are supposed conjure up a wet
Article Title : Shabby chic
Article Snippet :distresses new ones to achieve the same result. Unlike much genuine period décor, this style features a soft, pastel-colored, cottage look. Shabby chic furniture
Article Title : Assyrian Timber Transportation relief
Article Snippet :99 ALBENDA P., "A Mediterranean Seascape from Khorsabad", Assur 3/3, 1983, p. 1-17. FONTAN E., "La Frise du Transport du Bois, Décor du Palais de Sargon
Article Title : Hamsa
Article Snippet :protection from bad luck and evil people. The Hamsa is incorporated in many home decor items, but still, the most common use is in jewellery. Most Moroccan women
Article Title : Taïm
Article Snippet :(grown on a mountain near Jerusalem). The original restaurant was small. Its decor was described by Zagats as "almost 'literally a hole-in-the-wall'". In 2012
Article Title : Pithos
Article Snippet :applied to such containers used among the civilizations that bordered the Mediterranean Sea in the Neolithic, the Bronze Age and the succeeding Iron Age. Pithoi
Article Title : Lee Radziwill
Article Snippet :East 72nd Street) apartments were featured in the April 2009 issue of Elle Décor magazine. She was interviewed by director Sofia Coppola in February 2013

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