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A personalized video game is created for one specific player or a group of players usually as a luxury gift, similar to personalized books. It features real names, places and events from the recipient's life. Usual occasions for such games are birthdays, anniversaries, and engagement proposals.

Article Title : Personalized video game
Article Snippet :anniversaries, and engagement proposals. Personalized video games were given as luxury gifts almost from the beginning of the game industry. A recent famous example
Article Title : Enjo kōsai
Article Snippet :Japanese language term for the practice of older men giving money and/or luxury gifts to attractive young women for sexual favors. The female participants
Article Title : Assouline Publishing
Article Snippet :out to designing, producing, and selling furniture, accessories, and luxury gifts, and to creating bespoke furnished and accessorized libraries for individuals
Article Title : Diplomatic gift
Article Snippet :use of diplomatic gifts dates back to the ancient world and givers have competed to outdo each other in the lavishness of their gifts. Examples include
Article Title : Kasia Al Thani
Article Snippet :French). Retrieved 1 June 2022. Zinderman, Carly (17 August 2009). "Luxury Gifts On Sale Now at". Thayer, Amy E.; Alfred
Article Title : Macrobians
Article Snippet :his conquest of Egypt (525 BC) sent ambassadors to Macrobia, bringing luxury gifts for the Macrobian king to entice his submission. The Macrobian ruler
Article Title : Kublai Khan
Article Snippet :relations with the Yuan and the Ilkhanate, and as a reward received luxury gifts and grain from Kublai. Despite political disagreement between contending
Article Title : Mooncake
Article Snippet :and various fruit pastes. Mooncakes are luxurious gifts in Singapore and are very popular as gifts to clients, friends and family. An average box of 4
Article Title : Promotional merchandise
Article Snippet :featured around Christmas and the giving of gifts. This changed significantly in the early 1990s as Christmas gifts became less appropriate in a multicultural
Article Title : Aurus Senat
Article Snippet (in Russian). 7 May 2018. Retrieved 12 May 2018. "Putin gifts luxury Aurus car to North Korea's Kim". 2024-02-20. Retrieved 2024-02-20. "Новый

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