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The Death of Adolf Hitler: Unknown Documents from Soviet Archives is a 1968 book by Soviet journalist Lev Bezymenski, who served as an interpreter in the Battle of Berlin. The book gives details of the purported Soviet autopsies of Adolf Hitler, Eva Braun, Joseph and Magda Goebbels, their children, and General Hans Krebs. Each of these individuals are recorded as having been subjected to cyanide poisoning; contrary to the Western conclusion (and the accepted view of historians) that Hitler died by a suicide gunshot. The book's release was preceded by various contrary reports about Hitler's death, including from eyewitnesses, who also contradicted themselves. Under Joseph Stalin, the Soviets both claimed that Hitler died from cyanide and that he escaped Berlin. Much of the information presented in the book about how Hitler died (namely by poisoning or a coup de grâce) has been discredited, including by the author, as propaganda. Some sources argue that Hitler's body was burned almost completely to ashes, leaving nothing to conduct an autopsy upon. Only the Soviet description of Hitler's dental remains, consisting of a golden bridge and a mandibular fragment with teeth, is regarded as reliable. The book includes previously unreleased photographs.

Article Title : The Death of Adolf Hitler
Article Snippet :ordered Linge to return in ten minutes to deliver a coup de grâce-style gunshot to ensure his death. Rattenhuber reputedly thought that Linge completed
Article Title : Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz
Article Snippet :reis de Portvgal (sheet 97) Sousa, António Caetano de, História Genealógica da Casa Real Portuguesa, Tomo XII, Parte II, 1735 (pp. 702 & 703). Linge, Mary
Article Title : Société Générale
Article Snippet :Megreditchian Leaves After 11 Years". Bloomberg News. Retrieved 4 March 2014. Beau linge et argent sale, Jean-Pierre Thiollet, p. 111, Paris, Anagramme Ed, 2002
Article Title : Hermann Fegelein
Article Snippet :The dossier is based on the interrogation reports of Günsche and Heinz Linge (Hitler's valet). This dossier differs in part from the accounts given by
Article Title : Berthe Morisot
Article Snippet :et d'histoire de Provence, Grasse La Petite Niçoise (The Small Girl from Nice), 1889, oil on canvas, 64 × 52 cm, Musée des Beaux-Arts de Lyon Sous l'oranger
Article Title : Adolf Hitler
Article Snippet : Beevor 2002, p. 343. Bullock 1962, p. 798. Linge 2009, p. 199. Joachimsthaler 1999, pp. 160–182. Linge 2009, p. 200. Bullock 1962, pp. 799–800. Joachimsthaler
Article Title : Erwin Rommel
Article Snippet :innovations): he once almost grabbed the telephone out of Linge's hand. But, according to Linge, seeing Rommel's disobedience Hitler also realised his mistake
Article Title : Loch Ness Monster
Article Snippet :London. Archived from the original on 10 July 2023. Retrieved 10 July 2023. Linge, Mary (25 September 2021). "'Loch Ness Monster' spotted again! This time
Article Title : Rhine
Article Snippet :Roman times, dammed in the 13th century AD) Linge (big channel in Roman times, dammed in the 14th century AD) De Biesbosch-area (initiated by AD 1421–1424
Article Title : New York metropolitan area
Article Snippet :Archived from the original on August 29, 2019. Retrieved August 29, 2019. Linge, Mary Kay (April 6, 2019). "New York bill proposes splitting Empire State

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