Linge De Table Provencal by Mediterranean Interiors

Palatalization in the Romance languages encompasses various historical sound changes which caused consonants to develop a palatal articulation or secondary articulation, as well as certain further developments such as affrication. It resulted in the creation of several consonants that had not existed in Classical Latin, such as the Italian /t͡s d͡z ʃ t͡ʃ d͡ʒ ɲ ʎ/. Certain types of palatalisation affected all Romance languages and were already discernible in Late Latin, while others affected only a subset of languages and are only known from later evidence. Palatalization was not a single event but rather occurred multiple times, in different places and in different ways, during the evolution of Romance.

Article Title : Palatalization in the Romance languages
Article Snippet :Gramática histórica de la lengua castellana (in Spanish). Halle, Max Niemeyer. Jensen, Frede (1972). From Vulgar Latin to Old Provençal. Chapel Hill: The

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