Les Rois Mages by Mediterranean Interiors

Les Rois mages (or The Three Magis, its unofficial English title) is a French comedy film released in 2001, made by Bernard Campan and Didier Bourdon. They also star in the film, playing the roles of Balthazar and Melchior respectively. Pascal Légitimus, the third member of the humorist group Les Inconnus, also stars in the film as Caspar.

Article Title : Les Rois mages
Article Snippet :Magi find themselves in Paris in modern times, and become a media sensation. "Les rois mages". "Les Rois mages (2001) - JPBox-Office". IMDb entry v t e
Article Title : Les Inconnus
Article Snippet :1995 – Les Trois Frères 1997 – Le Pari (excluded Pascal Légitimus) 2000 – L'Extraterrestre (excluded Pascal Légitimus) 2001 – Les Rois mages 2006 – Madame
Article Title : Tweedle Dee, Tweedle Dum (song)
Article Snippet :- Les Rois Mages (Tweedle Dee Tweedle Dum), retrieved 24 November 2021 "Sheila – Les rois mages" (in Dutch). Ultratop 50. "Sheila – Les rois mages" (in
Article Title : Sheila and B. Devotion
Article Snippet :les copains" (the French cover version of Manfred Mann's "Do Wah Diddy Diddy" in 1964), "'Petite Fille de Français Moyens" (1968) and "Les Rois Mages"
Article Title : Sheila (French singer)
Article Snippet :the soundtrack. "Les rois mages" also featured in "Ma vie en rose", a 1997 gender-bender film, "Love me baby", in 1978, "Attention les enfants regardent"
Article Title : Nathalie Roussel
Article Snippet :T'aime (2000) .... Jeanne Michel Route de nuit (2000) (TV) .... Mathilde Les Rois mages (2001) .... La mère de Macha Commissariat Bastille (2001) TV Series
Article Title : Jacky Nercessian
Article Snippet :Brothers (1995) Les Parasites (1999) Le Double de ma moitié (1999) Monsieur Naphtali (1999) L'Algérie des chimères (2001) Les Rois mages (2001) Napoléon
Article Title : Three Kings (disambiguation)
Article Snippet :Three Kings (1999 film), an American war film set in post–Gulf War Iraq Les Rois mages, a 2001 French film dubbed The Three Kings in English Los Reyes Magos
Article Title : Didier Bourdon
Article Snippet :director. He first reached stardom in France when he created the comedic trio Les Inconnus with Bernard Campan and Pascal Légitimus, which was very popular
Article Title : Sheila discography
Article Snippet :by Tom Jones. "InfoDisc : Tous les Albums classés par Artiste". infodisc.fr. Retrieved 2022-01-31. "lescharts.com - Les charts français". lescharts.com

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