Jupes Et Jupons by Mediterranean Interiors

This is a complete list of compositions by Claude Debussy initially categorized by genre, and sorted within each genre by "L²" number, according to the 2001 revised catalogue by musicologist François Lesure, which is generally in chronological order of composition date. "L¹" numbers are also given from Lesure's original 1977 catalogue.(The "L¹" and "L²" headers are clickable and doing so will sort the entire list by L¹ or L² number. Clicking that header again will reverse the order; to return to the genre category order, reload the webpage.)

Article Title : List of compositions by Claude Debussy
Article Snippet :luttaient avec les longues jupes Le Faune: Un Vieux faune de terre cuite Colloque sentimental: Dans le vieux parc solitaire et glacé voice, piano 1904 texts:
Article Title : List of English words of Arabic origin (G–J)
Article Snippet :are at Joupe @ The Middle English Dictionary; see also Jupon @ The Middle English Dictionary. Jupe continued in use in Scots English as late as the mid-19th

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