Jewelry Boxes by Mediterranean Interiors

Jewelry Box may refer to: Jewelry Box (Shizuka Kudo album), 2002 Jewelry Box (T-ara album), 2012

Article Title : Jewelry Box
Article Snippet :Jewelry Box may refer to: Jewelry Box (Shizuka Kudo album), 2002 Jewelry Box (T-ara album), 2012 Casket (decorative box) This disambiguation page lists
Article Title : Casket (decorative box)
Article Snippet :decorative box or container that is usually smaller than a chest and is typically decorated. In recent centuries they are often used as boxes for jewelry, but
Article Title : Decorative box
Article Snippet :called boxes. Traditionally gift boxes used for promotional and seasonal gifts are made from sturdy paperboard or corrugated fiberboard. These boxes normally
Article Title : Puzzle box
Article Snippet :puzzle boxes developed from furniture and jewelry boxes with secret compartments and hidden openings, known since the Renaissance. Puzzle boxes produced
Article Title : Jewel box
Article Snippet :Jewel box or Jewel Box may refer to: Jewelry box, a container for gemstones Jewel Box (St. Louis), listed on the NRHP in Missouri Jewel Boxes, a name
Article Title : Wood veneer
Article Snippet :is a thin layer of decorative edging placed around objects, such as jewelry boxes. Veneer is also used to replace decorative papers in wood veneer high
Article Title : Plastic canvas
Article Snippet :is useful for creating 3-dimensional objects such as tissue box covers, small jewelry boxes, handbags, and other decorative objects. Plastic canvas is
Article Title : Quilling
Article Snippet :to decorate other objects, such as greetings cards, pictures, boxes, or to make jewelry. Quilling - also known as paper-rolling, or paper scrolling -
Article Title : Hope chest
Article Snippet :time dowry chests gradually became smaller, with jewelry boxes emerging instead of large dowry boxes. By contrast, a "bridal chest" was given to a bride
Article Title : Tole painting
Article Snippet :include tables, chairs, and chests, including hope chests, toyboxes and jewelry boxes. With a longer history in Europe (see toleware), in America the practice

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