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A Mediterranean climate ( MED-ih-tə-RAY-nee-ən), also called a dry summer climate, described by Köppen as Cs, is a climate type that occurs in the lower mid-latitudes (normally 30 to 44 north and south latitude), characterized by warm to hot, dry summers and mild, fairly wet winters; these weather conditions are typically experienced in the majority of Mediterranean-climate regions and countries, but remain highly dependent on proximity to the ocean, altitude and geographical location. The dry summer climate is found throughout the warmer middle latitudes, affecting almost exclusively the western portions of continents in relative proximity to the coast. The climate type's name is in reference to the coastal regions of the Mediterranean Sea, which mostly share this type of climate, but it can also be found in the Atlantic portions of Iberia and Northwest Africa, the Pacific portions of the United States and Chile, extreme west areas of Argentina, around Cape Town, South Africa, parts of Southwest and South Australia and parts of Central Asia. Mediterranean climate zones are typically located along the western coasts of landmasses, between roughly 30 and 45 degrees north or south of the equator. The main cause of Mediterranean, or dry summer, climate is the subtropical ridge, extending towards the hemisphere in question's pole during the summer and migrating towards the equator during the winter. This is due to the seasonal poleward-equatorward variations of temperatures.The resulting vegetation of Mediterranean climates are the garrigue or maquis in the European Mediterranean Basin, the chaparral in California, the fynbos in South Africa, the mallee in Australia, and the matorral in Chile. Areas with this climate are also where the so-called "Mediterranean trinity" of major agricultural crops have traditionally been successfully grown (wheat, grapes and olives). As a result, these regions are notable for their high-quality wines, grapeseed/olive oils, and bread products.Most of the historically iconic cities and regions of the Mediterranean Basin lie within the Mediterranean climatic zone, including Algiers, Athens, Barcelona, Beirut, İzmir, Jerusalem, Marseille, Monaco, Naples, Rome, Tunis, Valencia, and Valletta. Locations with Mediterranean climates outside of the Mediterranean Basin include Adelaide, Cape Town, Casablanca, Dushanbe, Lisbon, Viña del Mar, Los Angeles, Perth, Porto, San Diego, San Francisco, Santiago, Tashkent and Victoria.

Article Title : Mediterranean climate
Article Snippet :A Mediterranean climate (/ˌmɛdɪtəˈreɪniən/ MED-ih-tə-RAY-nee-ən), also called a dry summer climate, described by Köppen as Cs, is a climate type that
Article Title : Royal Clipper
Article Snippet :frescography murals by Rainer Maria Latzke completing the ship's Mediterranean interior. Her design was based on Preussen, a famous German five-mast Flying
Article Title : Mediterranean dry woodlands and steppe
Article Snippet :The Mediterranean dry woodlands and steppe is a Mediterranean forests, woodlands, and scrub ecoregion of North Africa. It occupies interior plateaus and
Article Title : Thalassocracy
Article Snippet :sea, or a seaborne empire. Traditional thalassocracies seldom dominate interiors, even in their home territories. Examples of this were the Phoenician
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Article Snippet :Below Deck Mediterranean is an American reality television series that premiered on Bravo on May 3, 2016. Developed as the first spin-off of Below Deck
Article Title : Ministry of the Interior (Turkey)
Article Snippet :"Turkey's interior minister receives award from Parliamentary Assembly of Mediterranean". Retrieved 27 January 2022. "Yeni Kabine listesi açıklandı
Article Title : Southern Europe
Article Snippet :southern region of Europe. It is also known as Mediterranean Europe, as its geography is marked by the Mediterranean Sea. Definitions of Southern Europe include
Article Title : Union for the Mediterranean
Article Snippet :The Union for the Mediterranean (UfM; French: Union pour la Méditerranée, Arabic: الإتحاد من أجل المتوسط Al-Ittiḥād min ajl al-Mutawasseṭ) is an intergovernmental
Article Title : Climate of Turkey
Article Snippet :temperate, with the regions bordering the Mediterranean and Black Sea heavily affected by the coasts, with the interior being drier and more mountainous. The
Article Title : Semi-arid climate
Article Snippet :bordering a humid continental climate or a Mediterranean climate. They are also typically found in continental interiors some distance from large bodies of water

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