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Henry Hermand (11 July 1924 – 6 November 2016) was a French businessman, media executive and political advisor. He was the founder of Progest, a developer of shopping centres in Europe, North Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa, which he sold to Klépierre in 2006. He was a co-founder of Terra Nova, a think tank with ties to the Socialist Party. He was also a benefactor and mentor to President Emmanuel Macron.

Article Title : Henry Hermand
Article Snippet :and Social Council from 1989 to 1994. He was a donor to La République des Idées, a think tank founded by historian Pierre Rosanvallon in 2002. He was also
Article Title : Giada (brand)
Article Snippet :Retrieved 2023-10-30. Greco, Gianna (2023-11-11). "Speciale Generazioni: idee shopping per Boomers | Foto iO Donna". iO Donna (in Italian). Retrieved 2023-11-14
Article Title : EBoy
Article Snippet :in Berlin and Los Angeles. Their influences come from: "Pop culture... shopping, supermarkets, TV, toy commercials, LEGO, computer games, the news, magazines
Article Title : Tokyo Designers Block
Article Snippet :districts, in shop windows, exhibition spaces and galleries. TDB is the brainchild of Teruo Kurosaki, president of Aoyama design shop Idée, who got the
Article Title : List of shopping malls in Taipei
Article Snippet :This is a list of notable shopping malls/shopping centres in Taipei, Taiwan. Pacific Sogo (Zhongxiao Branch) Pacific Sogo (Fuxing Branch) Ming Yao Department
Article Title : List of lucky symbols
Article Snippet :DeMello, p. 35 "Tartakowsky, Ewa. "Le Juif à la pièce d'argent." La vie des idées (2017)" (PDF). Archived (PDF) from the original on 1 March 2017. Retrieved
Article Title : Katy Garbi
Article Snippet :album. Later on that year Garbi released the album Emmones Idees (English: Obsessive idees); "Na Pernas", "Andres", "Esena Mono", and a duet with Yiannis
Article Title : Princess Auto
Article Snippet :stores in every province. In Quebec, the tagline on the storefronts is Des idées. Des outils. ("Ideas. Tools."). The French language has been added to the
Article Title : Dogmatix
Article Snippet :original French, his name is Idéfix, itself a pun on the French expression idée fixe (fixed idea) meaning an obsession. On January 6, 2021, it was announced
Article Title : Jason Mantzoukas
Article Snippet :Jackson and the Olympians Dionysus 3 episodes 2024 The Simpsons Finn Bon Idée Voice, episode: "Night of the Living Wage" Velma Scrappy-Doo Voice, 2 episodes

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