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Philippe Jouvion is a professional researcher, freelance reporter and film producer. He worked for several years with the Cité des Sciences de la Villette in Paris producing films, and a number of his documentaries have won awards. At present, he is working as a freelance journalist and is completing a television documentary on the environment. As a journalist, he has mainly treated scientific and medical subjects, as well as tourism. He has published with Editions du Rouergue, in collaboration with Colette Gouvion.

Article Title : Philippe Jouvion
Article Snippet :Matériaux anciens, idées nouvelles, Philippe Jouvion, 2001, ISBN 2-253-08190-6 La vie en vert, Philippe Jouvion, 1999, ISBN 2-84156-172-0 Cadeaux gourmands, Philippe
Article Title : Animal diplomacy
Article Snippet :(available online), p. 97-121. (in French) Nicolas Drocourt, "Les animaux comme cadeaux d’ambassade entre Byzance et ses voisins (viie – xiie siècle)", in Bernard
Article Title : Naza (rapper)
Article Snippet :problème" 147 "Moi je vérifie" (feat. Dadju & Aya Nakamura) 185 2018 "Cadeaux" (with Aya Nakamura) 171 "Ça va" (feat. Alonzo) 92 "Remontada" 88 "P*tain
Article Title : André Noël (chef)
Article Snippet :Introduction (in French). p. 8. Meyzie, Philippe (January 2006). "Les cadeaux alimentaires dans le Sud-Ouest aquitain au 18th century : sociabilité,

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