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A wedding anniversary is the anniversary of the date that a wedding took place. Couples often mark the occasion by celebrating their relationship, either privately or with a larger party. Special celebrations and gifts are often given for particular anniversary milestones (e.g., 10, 15, 20, or 25 years). In some cultures, traditional names exist for milestone anniversaries; for instance, fifty years of marriage may be known variously as a "golden wedding anniversary", "golden anniversary" or "golden wedding".

Article Title : Wedding anniversary
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Article Title : Gift wrapping
Article Snippet :invent gift wrapping, their innovations led to the development of modern gift wrapping. They helped to popularize the idea of decorative gift wrapping
Article Title : Archambault
Article Snippet :DVDs, periodicals, musical instruments, sheet music, games, toys and gift ideas. Its e-commerce site,, is the largest French-language
Article Title : Etsy
Article Snippet :Women, Men, Kids, Vintage, Weddings, Craft Supplies, Trending Items, Gift Ideas, Mobile Accessories, and more. Furthermore, buyers may choose from a list
Article Title : Five Great Gift Ideas from The Reels
Article Snippet :Five Great Gift Ideas from the Reels is an extended play released by Australian band the Reels in November 1980. It was released during the recording sessions
Article Title : Nomad Goods
Article Snippet :Gift Guide 2013 50 Gadget Gift Ideas for the Holidays 2013 The Man FAQ Holiday Gift Guide 2013 8 Gifts for the Tech Geek in Your Life 2013 17 Gifts for
Article Title : Ponyo
Article Snippet :Joins Art, Science Fiction and Biographical Releases to Make for Unique Gift Ideas this Holiday Season from Viz Media". Anime News Network. October 25, 2023
Article Title : Drew Barrymore
Article Snippet :August 9, 2010. Corona, Leslie. "Drew Barrymore Has the Most Surprising Gift Ideas (and Why She Once Gave a Jar of Rainwater)". Real Simple. Retrieved January
Article Title : Idea
Article Snippet :In common usage and in philosophy, ideas are the results of thought. Also in philosophy, ideas can also be mental representational images of some object
Article Title : Butane torch
Article Snippet :11/25/2012 from "10 Last Minute Gift Ideas For The Mixologist in All of Us". DrinkWire. Retrieved 2018-01-15. Lee

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