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Robert II (c. 972 – 20 July 1031), called the Pious (French: le Pieux) or the Wise (French: le Sage), was King of the Franks from 996 to 1031, the second from the Capetian dynasty. Crowned Junior King in 987, he assisted his father on military matters (notably during the two sieges of Laon, in 988 and 991). His solid education, provided by Gerbert of Aurillac (the future Pope Sylvester II) in Reims, allowed him to deal with religious questions of which he quickly became the guarantor (he headed the Council of Saint-Basle de Verzy in 991 and that of Chelles in 994). Continuing the political work of his father, after becoming sole ruler in 996, he managed to maintain the alliance with the Duchy of Normandy and the County of Anjou and thus was able to contain the ambitions of Count Odo II of Blois. Robert II distinguished himself with an extraordinarily long reign for the time. His 35-year-long reign was marked by his attempts to expand the royal domain by any means, especially by his struggle to gain the Duchy of Burgundy (which ended in 1005 with his victory) after the death in 1002 without male descendants of his paternal uncle Duke Henry I, after a war against Otto-William of Ivrea, Henry I's stepson and adopted by him as his heir. His policies earned him many enemies, including three of his sons. The marital setbacks of Robert II (he married three times, having two of these annulled and attempting to have the third annulled, prevented only by the Pope's refusal to agree to a third annulment), strangely contrasted with the pious aura, bordering on holiness, which his biographer Helgaud of Fleury was willing to lend him in his work "Life of King Robert the Pious" (Epitoma vitæ regis Roberti pii). His life was then presented as a model to follow, made of innumerable pious donations to various religious establishments, of charity towards the poor and, above all, of gestures considered sacred, such as the healing of certain lepers. Robert II was the first sovereign considered to be a "miracle worker". The end of his reign revealed the relative weakness of the sovereign, who had to face the revolt of his third wife Constance and then of his own sons (Henri and Robert) between 1025 and 1031.

Article Title : Robert II of France
Article Snippet : daughter of William I, Count of Provence. Constance gave birth to 7 children for the king: Hedwig/Advisa of France (1003 – 1063), married Renauld I,
Article Title : Abbeville
Article Snippet :Abbeville. Abbeville manufactured textiles, and in particular, linens and tablecloths when the Van Robais family created la Manufacture Royale des Rames in
Article Title : List of Crayon Shin-chan episodes (1992–2001)
Article Snippet :million. He searches for his old sweatsuit but finds it turned into a tablecloth. 267 "Mommy's Gone! (Mom and Himawari Have Left the House)" (Japanese:
Article Title : Graciosa and Percinet
Article Snippet :d'études corses de la faculté des lettres et Sciences Humaines d'Aix-en-Provence. Édition Ophrys, Gap, 1963. pp. 60-62 (Tale nr. 27). Feipel, Louis N. (September
Article Title : Paul Cézanne
Article Snippet :failed, so he returned to Provence, with Hortense and Paul fils going to Paris. Financial need prompted Hortense's return to Provence but in separate living
Article Title : Antoine Beauvilliers
Article Snippet :clientele; it had tables made of mahogany, crystal chandeliers, and tablecloths of fine linen, an extensive wine cellar, and elegantly-dressed waiters
Article Title : The Little Prince
Article Snippet :celestial navigator, a vocation he had studied at Salon-de-Provence with the Armée de l'Air (French Air Force). Stacy Schiff, one of Saint-Exupéry's principal
Article Title : Restaurant
Article Snippet :Antoine Beauvilliers, the former chef of the Count of Provence. It had mahogany tables, linen tablecloths, chandeliers, well-dressed and trained waiters, a
Article Title : List of paintings by Henry Ossawa Tanner
Article Snippet :discovered the Académie Julian, where he began his studies in France. After two years in France, he discovered the existence of the Paris Salon and set a
Article Title : Asbestos
Article Snippet :first Holy Roman Emperor (800–814), is also said to have possessed such a tablecloth. Marco Polo recounts having been shown, in a place he calls Ghinghin talas

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