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The House of Orange-Nassau (Dutch: Huis van Oranje-Nassau, pronounced [ˈɦœys fɑn oːˌrɑɲə ˈnɑsʌu]) is the current reigning house of the Netherlands. A branch of the European House of Nassau, the house has played a central role in the politics and government of the Netherlands and elsewhere in Europe, particularly since William the Silent organised the Dutch Revolt against Spanish rule, which after the Eighty Years' War (1568–1648) led to an independent Dutch state. William III of Orange led the resistance of the Netherlands and Europe to Louis XIV of France, and orchestrated the Glorious Revolution in England that established parliamentary rule. Similarly, Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands was instrumental in the Dutch resistance during World War II. Several members of the house served during the Eighty Years war and after as stadtholder ("governor"; Dutch: stadhouder) during the Dutch Republic. However, in 1815, after a long period as a republic, the Netherlands became a monarchy under the House of Orange-Nassau. The dynasty was established as a result of the marriage of Henry III of Nassau-Breda from Germany and Claudia of Châlon-Orange from French Burgundy in 1515. Their son René of Chalon inherited in 1530 the independent and sovereign Principality of Orange from his mother's brother, Philibert of Châlon. As the first Nassau to be the Prince of Orange, René could have used "Orange-Nassau" as his new family name. However, his uncle, in his will, had stipulated that René should continue the use of the name Châlon-Orange. After René's death in 1544, his cousin William of Nassau-Dillenburg inherited all of his lands. This "William I of Orange", in English better known as William the Silent, became the founder of the House of Orange-Nassau.: 10 

Article Title : House of Orange-Nassau
Article Snippet :eagle in his personal arms and the King of France, who used the famous Fleur-de-lis. The lion was so heavily used in the Netherlands for various provinces
Article Title : William III of England
Article Snippet :the king and queen was: Quarterly, I and IV Grand quarterly, Azure three fleurs-de-lis Or (for France) and Gules three lions passant guardant in pale Or
Article Title : List of people who died in traffic collisions
Article Snippet :First CFO and Internet Pioneer Joy Covey Dies in Bike Accident". All Things D. Archived from the original on August 19, 2016. Retrieved August 4, 2016.
Article Title : Rihanna
Article Snippet :Award." Rihanna's first fragrance, Reb'l Fleur, was released in January 2011. According to Rolling Stone, Reb'l Fleur was a financial success and was expected
Article Title : Glucose
Article Snippet :Academic Press, 2002, ISBN 978-0-123-66852-3, p. XIII. Koekkoek LL, Mul JD, La Fleur SE (2017). "Glucose-Sensing in the Reward System". Frontiers in Neuroscience
Article Title : Iris (plant)
Article Snippet :Virgin's flower). The fleur-de-lis, a stylized iris, first occurs in its modern use as the emblem of the House of Capet. The fleur-de-lis has been associated
Article Title : Canada
Article Snippet :October 29, 2023. Nord, D.C.; Weller, G.R. Canada and the United States: An Introduction to a Complex Relationship. p. 14. Carment, D.; Sands, C. (2019).
Article Title : Kirk Windstein
Article Snippet :Fender Stratocaster White (2009 Tour with Down) ESP Viper Custom Purple Le Fleur-de-lis (2010 Crowbar) Gibson Explorer White (Down) Solar E1.6 Jensen Solar
Article Title : List of 2024 albums
Article Snippet :Rigotti, Alex (April 24, 2024). "Porter Robinson announces new album Smile! :D with euphoric single "Knock Yourself Out XD"". NME. Retrieved April 24, 2024
Article Title : AppGratis
Article Snippet :2013. "Fleur Pellerin soutient AppGratis face à Apple qui l'a déréférencée". Lemode Informatique. 11 April 2013. Retrieved October 4, 2013. "Fleur Pellerin

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