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Charles Percier ([ʃaʁl pɛʁsje]; 22 August 1764 – 5 September 1838) was a neoclassical French architect, interior decorator and designer, who worked in a close partnership with Pierre François Léonard Fontaine, originally his friend from student days. For work undertaken from 1794 onward, trying to ascribe conceptions or details to one or other of them is fruitless; it is impossible to disentangle their cooperative efforts in this fashion. Together, Percier and Fontaine were inventors and major proponents of the rich, grand, consciously-archaeological versions of neoclassicism we recognise as Directoire style and Empire style. Following Charles Percier's death in 1838, Fontaine designed a tomb in their characteristic style in the Pere Lachaise Cemetery. Percier and Fontaine had lived together as well as being colleagues. Fontaine married late in life and after his death in 1853 his body was placed in the same tomb according to his wishes.

Article Title : Charles Percier
Article Snippet :and Fontaine published several later books, notably Recueil de décoration intérieure concernant tout ce qui rapporte à l'ameublement ("Collection of
Article Title : Empire style
Article Snippet :the renovation of the various royal residences. Their Recueil de décorations intérieures (1812) was an essential handbook of the Empire style. (Honour 1977
Article Title : Alexandra David-Néel
Article Snippet :across the border into Tibet." "Le palais du dalaï-lama dont la décoration intérieure, très riche en certains endroits, est entièrement de style chinois
Article Title : Grand Staircase of the Titanic
Article Snippet :published in 1812 in the book by Percier and Fontaine Recueil de décorations intérieures, that inspiration was drawn. Among the several differences between
Article Title : Molsheim Charterhouse
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Article Title : Nicolas Ribonnier
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Article Title : Claude-Aimé Chenavard
Article Snippet :and was born at Lyons in 1798. He published Nouveau Recueil de Decorations intérieures, 1833–1835, and Album de L'Ornemaniste, 1835. He died in Paris
Article Title : Gert Louis Lamartine
Article Snippet :Operations, Inc., 2015 See also Ecole du Meuble, 1930–1950: la décoration intérieure et les arts décoratifs à Montréal, 1989, same text on p. 88 in French

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