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Neuilly-sur-Seine (French pronunciation: [nøji syʁ sɛn] ; lit. 'Neuilly-on-Seine'), also known simply as Neuilly, is an urban commune in the Hauts-de-Seine department just west of Paris in France. Immediately adjacent to the city, north of the Bois de Boulogne, the area is composed of mostly select residential neighbourhoods, as well as many corporate headquarters and a handful of foreign embassies. One of the most affluent areas of France, it is the wealthiest and most expensive suburb of Paris.Together with the 16th and 7th arrondissement of Paris, the town of Neuilly-sur-Seine forms the most affluent and prestigious residential area in the whole of France. It has the second highest average household income in France, at €112,504 per year (in 2020).

Article Title : Neuilly-sur-Seine
Article Snippet :west of Paris in France. Immediately adjacent to the city, north of the Bois de Boulogne, the area is composed of mostly select residential neighbourhoods
Article Title : Réseau AGIR
Article Snippet :Totes, Ribeaucourt, Maison Ponthieu and Bois Carré". AGIR prepared a more detailed report in October about Bois Carré, which is located 1.4 km east of
Article Title : Albert Londres Prize
Article Snippet :vent souffle en Angola - Ed. Brepols 1965: Michel Croce-Spinelli, Sagipress 1966: Yves Courrière, Nice Matin 1967: Jean Bertolino, La Croix 1968: Yves Cuau
Article Title : Île d'Yeu
Article Snippet :stone castle built by Jeanne de Belleville and improved by her husband Olivier IV de Clisson. The castle built on an islet linked to the coast by a bridge
Article Title : List of Huguenots
Article Snippet :Alexandre Olivier Exquemelin (1645–1707), privateer, historian. Jean Fleury (died 1527), privateer. François le Clerc known as Jambe de Bois (or Wooden
Article Title : 2023 French pension reform strikes
Article Snippet : AFP (2 May 2023). "Lyon: heurts et dégradations en marge de la manifestation du 1er mai". La Croix (in French). "Rennes : 25 000 euros d'or volés dans
Article Title : Roubaix
Article Snippet :ROUBAIX & SES ALENTOURS): 4. ISSN 1277-1422. Bois-Grenier, Le Maisnil, Fromelles, Aubers et Radinghem-en-Weppes. Soit 6000 habitants supplémentaires pour
Article Title : Nantes
Article Snippet :Bois 1977, p. 31. Pétré-Grenouilleau 2008, p. 20. Bois 1977, p. 39. Lelièvre 2000, p. 19. Bois 1977, p. 41. Bois 1977, p. 43. Bois 1977, p. 44. Bois 1977
Article Title : Index of Belgium-related articles
Article Snippet :Bocholt, Belgium - Boël, Yves - Boechout - Boelare Castle - Boerentoren - Bois de la Cambre - Bombardment of Brussels - Bonheiden - Boom, Antwerp - B Plus
Article Title : Chinon
Article Snippet :were embellished with stained glass, following the designs of the painter Olivier Debré. They provide an unbroken view of the surrounding landscape. Around

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