Coffrets A Bijoux by Mediterranean Interiors

Martin Carlin (c. 1730–1785) was a Parisian ébéniste (cabinet-maker), born at Freiburg, who was received as Master Ébéniste at Paris on 30 July 1766. Renowned for his "graceful furniture mounted with Sèvres porcelain", Carlin fed into the luxury market of eighteenth-century decorative arts, where porcelain-fitted furniture was considered among "the most exquisite furnishings" within the transitional and neoclassical styles. Carlin's furniture was popular amongst the main great dealers, including Poirier, Daguerre, and Darnault, who sold his furniture to Marie Antoinette and many amongst the social elite class. He died on 6 March 1785.

Article Title : Martin Carlin
Article Snippet :Collection, UK Coffret à bijoux, 1770, delivered to Marie-Antoinette for the Petit Triannon, Château de Versailles, France Coffret à bijoux, c. 1770, delivered
Article Title : List of Picasso artworks 1901–1910
Article Snippet :Evocation (L'enterrement de Casagemas) Femme aux bras croisés Femme aux bijoux Portrait de Bibi-la-pureé Bibi-la-purée assis Femme dans un café Café concert

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