Coated Provencal Tablecloths by Mediterranean Interiors

The sixth series of The Great British Sewing Bee began on 22 April 2020. Joe Lycett returned as the presenter of the show with both Esme Young and Patrick Grant returning as the judges. The series consisted of 12 contestants competing to be named the best sewer. For series six, the show moved from BBC Two to BBC One and increased from eight episodes to 10, becoming the channel's top rated show during its run.

Article Title : The Great British Sewing Bee series 6
Article Snippet :Sewer Pattern Challenge (Terno Blouse) Alteration Challenge (Provencal Tablecloth) Made-to-measure (Flamenco Skirt) Clare 1 Child's Dress 1 Formal Curtain
Article Title : List of Galician words of Germanic origin
Article Snippet :Cistercian monks; French noblemen, migrants, pilgrims and stonemasons; and Proven├žal lyrics) had a massive cultural impact in Galicia during the Middle Ages

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