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In French, liaison (French pronunciation: [ljɛzɔ̃] ) is the pronunciation of a linking consonant between two words in an appropriate phonetic and syntactic context. For example, the word les ('the') is pronounced /le/, the word amis ('friends') is pronounced /ami/, but the combination les amis is pronounced /lez‿ami/, with a linking /z/. Liaison only happens when the following word starts with a vowel or semivowel, and is restricted to word sequences whose components are linked in sense, e.g., article + noun, adjective + noun, personal pronoun + verb, and so forth. This indicates that liaison is primarily active in high-frequency word associations (collocations). Most frequently, liaison arises from a mute word-final consonant that used to be pronounced, but in some cases it is inserted from scratch, as in a-t-il ('has he?'), which is the inverted form of il a ('he has'). In certain syntactic environments, liaison is impossible; in others, it is mandatory; in others still, it is possible but not mandatory and its realization is subject to wide stylistic variation.

Article Title : Liaison (French)
Article Snippet :arriving.") between two complements of a ditransitive verb: donner des cadeaux à Jean /dɔ.ne de ∅ a ʒɑ̃/ ("give presents to Jean")[citation needed]
Article Title : Ma voie
Article Snippet :3:27 6. "Sans toi" 3:11 7. "Apprends-moi" 3:41 8. "Un homme" 2:59 9. "Le coup de soleil" 4:09 10. "Le plus beau des cadeaux" 3:50 11. "Jealous Guy" 2:51
Article Title : Bill GB Pallot
Article Snippet :Harbrecht, in Architektur und Wohnen, novembre 1996, p.62-66, p.224. « Leurs cadeaux de Noël. Bill G.B. Pallot, antiquaire » par Aude de la Conté, in " Beaux-Arts
Article Title : Louisiana Creole people
Article Snippet :American TV personality Solange Knowles, singer Leah Chase, chef Anne des Cadeaux Brevelle, explorer and religious leader Victoria Monet, singer Tina Knowles
Article Title : Les Mystères de l'amour
Article Snippet :Enlèvement demandé September-12-2015 245 06 Traps and gifts Pièges et cadeaux September-13-2015 246 07 A memorable anniversary Un anniversaire mémorable
Article Title : Régis Labeaume
Article Snippet :Isabelle Porter (December 21, 2010). "Amphithéâtre - Harper ne fera pas de cadeaux à Québec". Le Devoir (in French). Retrieved March 14, 2014. Isabelle Porter
Article Title : Rainbow Reel Tokyo
Article Snippet :Song 1988 Philippines Nick Deocampo We Were One Man Nous étions un seul homme 1978 France Philippe Vallois Because the Dawn 1988 US Amy Goldstein short

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