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Les Mystères de l'amour (English Title: Love in Paris) is a French television series originally broadcast by TMC. It was created by Jean-Luc Azoulay. The original French title literally translates to The Mysteries of Love.This is the third spin-off from the series Hélène et les Garçons, which ran from 1992–1994 and was followed by Le Miracle de l'amour (1994–1996), Les vacances de l'amour (1996–2004) and finally Les Mystères de l'amour (2011–present).

Article Title : Les Mystères de l'amour
Article Snippet :Le secret d'Olga September-06-2015 244 05 Removal requested Enlèvement demandé September-12-2015 245 06 Traps and gifts Pièges et cadeaux September-13-2015
Article Title : Têtes à claques
Article Snippet :[The Moose] 27. L'anniversaire [The Birthday] 28. La police [The Police] 29. On sort Part 3 [We’re Goin' Out Part 3] 30. Les cadeaux de Noël [The Christmas
Article Title : List of Christmas operas
Article Snippet :the Orphelinat des Arts [fr]. This was its only known performance. Les cadeaux de Noël (The Christmas Gifts), composed by Xavier Leroux to a libretto

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