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Konpeitō (金平糖, こんぺいとう), also spelled kompeitō, is a type of Japanese sugar candy. It takes the form of a small sphere with a bumpy surface, and comes in a variety of colors and flavors. While Kompeitō, introduced from Portugal, was a sugar-coated confection with a poppy seed or sesame seed center, the Japanese eventually transformed it into an all-sugar confection with a zarame (ザラメ, coarse sugar) center.

Article Title : Konpeitō
Article Snippet :marriage and childbirth, in elaborate candy boxes called bonbonniere (ボンボニエール), from the French bonbonnière, meaning candy box. It is given as a gift for prayers
Article Title : Bomboniere
Article Snippet :A bomboniere (from French bonbonnière, a box containing "bonbons") is a kind of fragrant-smelling party favor given out on special occasions such as weddings
Article Title : Bonbonnière (Fabergé egg)
Article Snippet :The Bonbonnière egg is one of the Fabergé eggs created in the workshop of Peter Carl Fabergé for the wealthy Russian industrialist Alexander Kelch who
Article Title : Onshino Konpeitō
Article Snippet :elaborate small boxes called bonbonniere (ボンボニエール), from the French bonbonnière, meaning candy box. The practice of giving bonbonniere dates back to the commemoration
Article Title : Mike Viola
Article Snippet :Michael A. Viola (born September 26, 1966) is an American producer, musician, songwriter, and singer, best known for his work with Panic! at the Disco
Article Title : Party favor
Article Snippet :wedding favor, common amongst European aristocrats, was known as a bonbonniere. A bonbonniere is a small trinket box that was made of crystal, porcelain, and/or
Article Title : Joe Fournier
Article Snippet :and owning Whisky Mist, The Rose Club, Bonbonniere London and Streaky Gin. Most recently he opened Bonbonniere Mikonos. Fournier invested in nightclubs
Article Title : Fabergé egg
Article Snippet :National Museum 1902 Rocaille Dorothy and Artie McFerrin collection 1903 Bonbonnière Estate of the late Kerry Packer 1904 Chanticleer Viktor Vekselberg
Article Title : Bilston
Article Snippet :included decorative containers such as patch-boxes, scent boxes, and bonbonnieres. With the opening of the Birmingham Canal to the west of the town in
Article Title : Herend Porcelain Manufactory
Article Snippet :Bonbonniere, candlestick and vase.

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