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Blue Amberol Records was the trademark for a type of cylinder recording manufactured by the Edison Records company in the U.S. from 1912 to 1929. Made from a nitrocellulose compound developed at the Edison laboratory—though occasionally employing Bakelite in its stead and always employing an inner layer of plaster—these cylinder records were introduced for public sale in October 1912. The first release in the main, Popular series was number 1501, and the last, 5719, issued in October 1929 just as the Edison Records concern closed up shop. The Edison company also maintained separate issue number ranges for foreign, classical and special series that are sparsely included here. The issue numbers are not necessarily continuous as some titles were not released, or otherwise skipped. Nevertheless, the Blue Amberol format was the longest-lived cylinder record series employed by the Edison Company. These were designed to be played on an Amberola, a type of Edison machine specially designed for celluloid records that did not play older wax cylinders. Blue Amberols are more commonly seen today than earlier Edison 2-minute brown or black wax and 4-minute black wax Amberol records. The following incomplete list of Blue Amberol Records is ranked by issue number, title, writer(s), performer(s) and date. Dates are certainly not chronological for either recording or issue; the issue of certain titles could be delayed or never deployed, and some Blue Amberol releases are merely reissues of earlier records that had appeared in other formats before the Blue Amberol existed. From about July 1914, Edison's Diamond Discs were used to master Blue Amberols and releases of the same titles appear in both series, though with totally different release numbers. Some of the very last Blue Amberols were dubbed from electrical recordings, though the Amberola was never manufactured with an electrical pickup; in later years, some enthusiasts have refitted Amberola players with electrical pickups and there is evidence that even at the end of the 1920s there were kits one could order to make the conversion.

Article Title : List of Edison Blue Amberol Records: Popular Series
Article Snippet :Traviata-Lorsqu' a de folles amour Orphee Langevin 28237 Faust-Air des bijoux Alice Verlet 28238 Attila - Praise ye Rappold, Jorn & Middleton 28239 Semele-
Article Title : Guy de Maupassant bibliography
Article Snippet :Harriet (1884) Les Sœurs Rondoli (1884) Clair de lune (1884) (contains "Les Bijoux") Yvette (1884) Toine (1885) Contes du jour et de la nuit (1885) (contains
Article Title : Coco Chanel
Article Snippet :attendees were recorded in a one-month period. As an antidote for vrais bijoux en toc, the obsession with costly, fine jewels, Chanel turned costume jewellery
Article Title : List of short stories by Guy de Maupassant
Article Snippet :Thierry Selva, "Contes et nouvelles par ordre chronologique de première parution dans la presse ou en recueil" 6 February 2021 at
Article Title : Brigitte Borghese
Article Snippet :Alida Valli, mourir de désir, Les petites saintes y touchent, Les bijoux de famille, Le commando des chauds lapins, and L'hippopotamours. She is
Article Title : List of place names of French origin in the United States
Article Snippet :Big Fork River (originally Rivière Grande Fourche) Bois de Sioux River ("woods of the Sioux") Bois Forte Indian Reservation ("hard wood") Brule River
Article Title : Clark Ashton Smith bibliography
Article Snippet :Beyond the Door (1975) Beyond the Great Wall (21 Dec 1919) Les Bijoux (I. Les Bijoux) Bird of Long Ago (1971) The Black Panther (La Panthère noire) The
Article Title : Gur Sikh Temple
Article Snippet :Fraser-Fort George RD Ancient Forest/Chun T’oh Whudujut Arctic Pacific Lakes Bijoux Falls Bobtail Mountain Carp Lake Close-To-The-Edge Crooked River Dahl Lake
Article Title : Victoria City Hall
Article Snippet :Fraser-Fort George RD Ancient Forest/Chun T’oh Whudujut Arctic Pacific Lakes Bijoux Falls Bobtail Mountain Carp Lake Close-To-The-Edge Crooked River Dahl Lake
Article Title : List of compositions by Francis Poulenc
Article Snippet :Cythère, valse-musette for 2 pianos (from film, Le voyage en Amérique), FP 150 Élégie (en accords alternés), for 2 pianos, FP 175 Capriccio for 2 pianos

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