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Gabrielle Bonheur "Coco" Chanel ( shə-NEL, French: [ɡabʁijɛl bɔnœʁ kɔko ʃanɛl] (listen); 19 August 1883 – 10 January 1971) was a French fashion designer and businesswoman. The founder and namesake of the Chanel brand, she was credited in the post–World War I era with popularizing a sporty, casual chic as the feminine standard of style. This replaced the "corseted silhouette" that was dominant beforehand with a style that was simpler, far less time consuming to put on and remove, more comfortable, and less expensive, all without sacrificing elegance. She is the only fashion designer listed on Time magazine's list of the 100 most influential people of the 20th century. A prolific fashion creator, Chanel extended her influence beyond couture clothing, realizing her aesthetic design in jewellery, handbags, and fragrance. Her signature scent, Chanel No. 5, has become an iconic product, and Chanel herself designed her famed interlocked-CC monogram, which has been in use since the 1920s.Her couture house closed in 1939, with the outbreak of World War II. Chanel stayed in France and was criticized during the war for collaborating with the Nazi-German occupiers and the Vichy puppet regime to boost her professional career. One of Chanel's liaisons was with a German diplomat, Baron (Freiherr) Hans Günther von Dincklage. After the war, Chanel was interrogated about her relationship with Dincklage, but she was not charged as a collaborator due to intervention by British prime minister Winston Churchill. When the war ended, Chanel moved to Switzerland, returning to Paris in 1954 to revive her fashion house. In 2011, Hal Vaughan published a biography about Chanel based on newly declassified documents, revealing that she had collaborated directly with the Nazi intelligence service, the Sicherheitsdienst. One plan in late 1943 was for her to carry an SS peace overture to Churchill to end the war.

Article Title : Coco Chanel
Article Snippet :attendees were recorded in a one-month period. As an antidote for vrais bijoux en toc, the obsession with costly, fine jewels, Chanel turned costume jewelry
Article Title : List of place names of French origin in the United States
Article Snippet :Big Fork River (originally Rivière Grande Fourche) Bois de Sioux River ("woods of the Sioux") Bois Forte Indian Reservation ("hard wood") Brule River
Article Title : Brigitte Borghese
Article Snippet :Alida Valli, mourir de désir, Les petites saintes y touchent, Les bijoux de famille, Le commando des chauds lapins, and L'hippopotamours. She is
Article Title : List of short stories by Guy de Maupassant
Article Snippet :"Contes et nouvelles par ordre chronologique de première parution dans la presse ou en recueil" 6 February 2021 at
Article Title : Gur Sikh Temple
Article Snippet :Fraser-Fort George RD Ancient Forest/Chun T’oh Whudujut Arctic Pacific Lakes Bijoux Falls Bobtail Mountain Carp Lake Close-To-The-Edge Crooked River Dahl Lake
Article Title : Parc du Thabor
Article Snippet :Rennes: époque gallo-romaine : sarcophage, urnes cinéraires, amphores, bijoux, médailles : notice et descriptions (in French). Verdier fils. p. 16.{{cite
Article Title : Guy de Maupassant bibliography
Article Snippet :Harriet (1884) Les Sœurs Rondoli (1884) Clair de lune (1884) (contains "Les Bijoux") Yvette (1884) Toine (1885) Contes du jour et de la nuit (1885) (contains
Article Title : List of compositions by Francis Poulenc
Article Snippet :Cythère, valse-musette for 2 pianos (from film, Le voyage en Amérique), FP 150 Élégie (en accords alternés), for 2 pianos, FP 175 Capriccio for 2 pianos
Article Title : Chinatown, Victoria
Article Snippet :across the Pacific Ocean to Victoria (on the Crown Colony of Vancouver Island en route to the Fraser Canyon, and later to Barkerville and the mainland's many
Article Title : Victoria City Hall
Article Snippet :Fraser-Fort George RD Ancient Forest/Chun T’oh Whudujut Arctic Pacific Lakes Bijoux Falls Bobtail Mountain Carp Lake Close-To-The-Edge Crooked River Dahl Lake

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