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Chantilly ( shan-TIL-ee, French: [ʃɑ̃tiji] ; Picard: Cantily) is a commune in the Oise department in the Valley of the Nonette in the Hauts-de-France region of Northern France. Surrounded by Chantilly Forest, the town of 10,863 inhabitants (2017) falls within the metropolitan area of Paris. It lies 38.4 km (23.9 miles) north-northeast of the centre of Paris and together with six neighbouring communes forms an urban area of 37,254 inhabitants (2018). Intimately tied to the House of Montmorency in the 15th to 17th centuries, the Château de Chantilly was home to the Princes of Condé, cousins of the Kings of France, from the 17th to the 19th centuries. It now houses the Musée Condé. Chantilly is also known for its horse racing track, Chantilly Racecourse, where prestigious races are held for the Prix du Jockey Club and Prix de Diane. Chantilly and the surrounding communities are home to the largest racehorse-training community in France. Chantilly is also home to the Living Museum of the Horse, with stables built by the Princes of Condé. It is considered one of the more important tourist destinations in the Paris area. Chantilly gave its name to Chantilly cream and to Chantilly lace. The city was the base for the England national football team during the Euro 2016 Championship.

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Article Title : Alexis de Tocqueville
Article Snippet :whose turbulent and restless spirit endangered the infant colony. [...] Artisans and agriculturalists arrived afterwards[,] [...] hardly in any respect
Article Title : Marcus Garvey
Article Snippet :NAACP leader W. E. B. Du Bois, and in one issue of the Negro World called him a "reactionary under [the] pay of white men". Du Bois generally tried to ignore
Article Title : Haiti
Article Snippet :and many intermarried within their community. They frequently worked as artisans and tradesmen, and began to own some property, including enslaved persons
Article Title : Christophe Laudamiel
Article Snippet :familiarizing himself with Cool Water, Goodlife, Dolce Vita and Féminité du Bois. In the year 2000, Laudamiel joined International Flavors & Fragrances in
Article Title : Bordeaux
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Article Title : Louvre Palace
Article Snippet :floor of the Grande Galerie hosted a number of shops in which artists and artisans peddled their creations. They were closed by order of Napoleon. Aside from

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